Why Good Ideas?

Hi: This is an early post from Jim — the person who launched Good Ideas.

There is a pretty simple reason why I started Good Ideas: because I love good ideas. I love to examine them, hold them to the light, and imagine their possibilities. Call me idiosyncratic, but I much rather collect good ideas than, say, stamps.

There are two more specific reasons as well:

  • The web ushers in unprecedented collaboration, including around “idea management”. A number of corporations have excelled in this field, including Dell, Starbucks, and Salesforce, which generate enormous value from their ideas communities. Many other topics – education, environment, health, and others – could benefit from similarly successful initiatives.
  • Ideas are evanescent: I see lots of great ideas everyday on blogs, web pages and Twitter. They typically, however, come today and are gone tomorrow, with no real system in place to capture, tag, rank, and distribute the best ideas. Even the very best “winning ideas” from large competitions tend to fall into oblivion.

So that’s why I started this thing. Would you like to help? There are several reasons why it may be worth your while:

  • Good Ideas is a place to learn – check out innovative ideas in your sector or others.
  • Good Ideas is a place to store any great ideas you have (like storing your photos on Flickr or videos on YouTube)
  • Good Ideas will shine light on the best ideas (and early ideas probably have an advantage in this)
  • Good Ideas, we hope, will let you meet others with similar interests.

Let me know if you’d like to help out!

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