Plans for Good Ideas

I work by day as a web strategy consultant, so I am subsumed by the world of business plans and tactics. So when it comes to the business strategy for Good Ideas, I have a confession:

I’m not really sure.

At this point I’m launching the site out of love for the topic. I do have a few nascent thoughts which I’d love to get feedback on:

  • I’m much more interested at this point in quality than quantity. I want the site to be interesting, smart and fun. It’s not so important if a lot of folks find the site at this stage. I think that one reason that some sites are successful, like Flickr or Wikipedia, is there was a lot of focus early on the challenge of building something of quality.
  • There is as of yet no revenue model for Good Ideas. There may never be – it may remain a labor of love. That said, I’m aware of the fact that a number of ideas sites generate value and revenue from competitions, others attract sponsorships and grants, and others have success with donation tie-ins. The important thing at this stage is to try to build something interesting.
  • If it does grow, I have some wacky ideas about complementing “” with a more refined “”, and next an even more refined “”. But that puts the cart before the horse (although I’m always happy to brainstorm wacky ideas if anyone is interested).

Anyway, thanks for any guidance you might provide the initiative in the comments below.

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