Five Good Ideas For Providing Clean Water in Developing Countries

A billion people drink highly polluted water. Here are five good ideas for providing cleaner water to more people in developing countries.

1) Solar Water Disinfection

Treating water by putting it in 2 liter cola bottles and setting it in the sun on a black surface for 5 hours kills 99% of pathogens. One of the world’s truly great ideas (and currently highest ranked idea overall on Good Ideas). See

2) Water “Tarpaulin” Combines Transport, Purification

The Solar Water Disinfecting Tarpaulin (SWDT) combines easy transport of water with solar purification. A Metropolis Magazine winning idea 2008.

3) Filter Water With Rice Husks

Tata Consultancy Services in India has invented a cheap, effective water filter employing rice husks. Economist Magazine.

4) Burn Cow Manure to Purify Water

Dean Kamen’s latest quest: a box which burns cow manure to purify water. Forbes

5) Water Testing with Reporting via SMS

A South Africa water quality testing system, “Aquatest”, decentralizes water testing by distributing tools for testing and gathering data by SMS.

To comment or vote on these (or other) ideas – or add your own! – visit Good Ideas.

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