Football Good Ideas

footballAs you gear up for the college football bowl season and NFL playoffs, here are four remarkable good ideas you may not know about the gridiron:

1) Don’t worry about strength

In football, the strongest team will typically win. But what is strength? Stanford football — known for its extremely physical play — doesn’t focus directly on strength. The focus is on flexibility, balance, and things like ankle mobility. Here is a great feature from the New York Times.

2) Don’t Pick First

Professors at the Yale School of Management show that highest picks in the NFL draft perform worst dollar for dollar. Late first round and high second round picks do best.

3) Never punt

Statistical analysis is clear: coaches punt and attempt field goals way too frequently. It’s much better in almost all situations to keep the ball and go for it on fourth down.

4) Diagnose concussions with a stick and hockey puck

Concussions from football and other contact sports are difficult to diagnose and quantify. A new approach developed in Michigan uses, amazingly, only a dowel and hockey puck combination to diagnose concussions remarkably accurately.

OK — now back to the game…

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