Five Good Ideas For Detecting Epidemics

One way to detect epidemics

As with a forest fire, if you can detect an epidemic early, it is much easier to control. Here are five good ideas for detecting epidemics (and diseases) before they spin out of control.

1) Use Google to Detect and Prevent Epidemics Early

The Predict and Prevent Initiative at Google uses search analysis to detect epidemics at early stages. A Wired Magazine “smart idea” 2008.

2) Use Social Media for Online Disease Surveillance

Researchers have shown that combining an awareness of social networks with search data, better early detection systems for disease outbreaks can be designed.

3) Detect Drug Epidemics Via Community Urinalysis

Researchers can sample water at sewage treatment plants to detect drug epidemics and monitor progress in treatment – all anonymously.

4) Food Wrapping Detects Pathogens

New Canadian meat wrapping materials turn color in presence of certain pathogens.

5) Cough Into Your iPhone for Instant Diagnosis

Cough into your iPhone – new app will diagnose your ailment.

To comment or vote on these (or other) ideas – or add your own! – visit Good Ideas.

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