Five Good Ideas for Making Elections Fairer

voteAs disenchantment grows with the electoral process in America, there are many excellent ideas for making elections fairer — some actively in use in other countries. Here are five:

Fewer Voters: Statistically choosing a subset of voters will make elections cheaper, lead to more informed choices, insulate against money politics, and allow for more elections and democracy.

Establish Redistricting Commissions: A politically neutral redistrcting commission, such as California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission, will make Congressional races more balanced and Congress more centrist.

Rectangular Districts: To avoid gerrymandering (with districts with long tentacles), require that all Congressional districts need to be rectangular (dimensions depending on population).

Adopt “Alternative Voting”: “Alternative Voting”, such as employed in Australia, allows voters to designate their first and second choices. If the first choice loses, your second choice gets the vote. This favors third party candidates and increased competition.

Bypass the Electoral College: A national initiative seeks to bypass the Electoral College and elect the President via popular vote. Without amending the Constitution, it calls on states to commit all electoral votes to the candidate winning the popular vote.


To comment or vote on these (or other) ideas – or add your own! – visit Good Ideas.

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