Five Crazy (and Interesting) Transportation Ideas

Hyperloop2Current transportation systems cause pollution, are often slow, and in many cases are very dangerous. As a planet we can clearly do better.

Here are five crazy (aka interesting) transportation ideas that might be implemented in the future?:

1) Straddling Bus Offers Cheap Public Transport

Officials in China want to build two story tall “straddling busses” that allow cars to pass under.

2) Hyperloop: Faster and Cheaper than High Speed Rail

Elon Musk proposes a vacuum tube-based transportation system that is fast, cheap, and environmentally friendly.

3) Trains That Don’t Need to Stop

Chinese transportation officials have designed a train + pod system that eliminates the need for trains to stop at stations. NY Times best idea 2010.

4) Use “Road Trains” to Save Gas

Wirelessly linking automobiles into “road trains” can save 20% of fuel.

5) Personal Monorail

Shweeb offers a human powered personal monorail transport solution. A Google 10^100 idea winner.

To comment or vote on these (or other) ideas – or add your own! – visit Good Ideas.

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