Combatting the “Most Lethal Animal in the World”

mosFirst, a quiz: What is the most lethal animal in the world?

If the measure is “how many humans are killed”, then the answer isn’t even close: it’s the mosquito. (Here is a great graphic posted by Bill Gates on this topic.)

So what measures are most effective to combat mosquitos? Here are several good ideas:

1) Bed Nets For All

Insecticide-treated bed nets are twice as effective as normal bed nets, and increase malaria protection by 70%.

2) Immunize Mosquitoes

Researchers develop vaccine to prevent mosquitoes from getting malaria from humans. |

3) Low tech mosquito repellent: a fan

A small fan discourages mosquitos and dissipates the human smells which attract them. NY Times

4) Block Mosquitoes with Laser Nets

A Columbia University astrophysicist, using a Gates Foundation grant, has developed a prototype system which blocks mosquitoes using light barriers.

5) Use Smartphones to Track Mosquitoes

Public officials in Lahore use photos and GPS information from smartphones to better target anti-mosquito programs. Dengue Fever has dropped significantly.

To comment or vote on these (or other) ideas – or add your own! – visit Good Ideas.

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