Waste Not, Want Not: Ideas to Limit Food Waste

foodApproximately one third of all food produced (1.3 billion tons for those keeping count) gets lost or wasted. This is a tremendous problem — and enormous opportunity for novel ideas to limit food waste. Here are several:

1) Software to Limit Food Waste

LeanPath provides software tools and systems to allow food workers to document and address food waste. http://www.leanpath.com/

2) Social Supermarkets

“Members save up to 70 percent on food that grocers have rejected due to mislabeling, damaged packaging, or nearing expiration dates”. SSIR http://bit.ly/1qVaCAz

3) Turn Extra Produce into Storable Form

Canadian non-profit sells bicycle-powered food processor to villages to process and store extra produce, creating jobs and better nutrition. http://www.malnutrition.org/vg_intro.htm

4) Fine Diners for Wasting Food

Some “all you can eat” buffets in China discourage taking more than you can eat: they fine diners for wasted food, based on weight of discards.

5) Feed 5000 With Food Waste

The British “Feeding the 5000” campaign gathers salvageable food waste – then produces a feast for 5000. http://feedbackglobal.org/campaigns/feeding-the-5000/

For a careful review of the issue, see Prospect Magazine. Another good overview is found at the Stanford Social Innovation Review. To comment or vote on these (or other) ideas – or add your own! – visit Good Ideas.

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